"At Mendix, you get the opportunity to really change the way people think about software at their job. Everyone here knows that, and it makes you feel like you're part of a movement."

What we work with

C#, Java, Jetty, Scala, Javascript (Dojo, React), Linux, Python, Puppet, Nginx, Mendix, Git, Zookeeper, Servers, Cables, Horse Masks, SASS, Compass, CSS, HTML

Why we do it

We really believe that Mendix is the solution to manage large and complex IT problems. We've seen firsthand how painful, frustrating, and unsuccessful application development projects can be. Mendix was founded on the premise that if you make development radically faster and simpler while improving collaboration between IT and the business, you'll deliver better applications and drive significant business value.

Office Environment

Our work space represents our company. Our office has a lot of open space, great art and lots of coffee and fruit. You want to come in early or later? No problem! You need some time to relax and think about issues, grab our RetroPi and play some Super Mario.

Mendix Ardennen

Every year we travel to the Ardennen, Belgium to drink a lot of beer and act like we will be active the next day!

Join our Team

Like what you see or read? We hire trailblazers, hackers and pioneers. We want people who can solve problems, make a real impact and build something big. Head over to our careers section and browse our openings. We're looking for talented individuals to join our team.